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Main Sponsor


Emmi products have always had a long tradition in being part of our fridge. Whether it’s fruits, yogurts, amazing Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE or the different types of cheese. My family loves milk products as well and therefore I’m really thankful to have such a traditional Swiss company as a main sponsor behind me.




Of course the supplier of a ski racer plays an important role in their lives. With Head I was able to celebrate my first achievements in younger years. Over the years we were able to build a strong relationship and Head has become a trustful partner. I’m happy and thankful to continue using Head gear as I know to have the best and fastest skis on my feet and certainly the coolest team behind me to continue achieving our goal as a unit.






I wear X-Bionic functional clothes since X-years under my race suit and there will be X-years more to come. With there patents they are a big step ahead of the competitors. I’m convinced about that and I feel it every day on the slopes.





Since I have been in the Swiss-Ski Team, which has been for many years, I have trusted Leki equipment. Thanks to Leki I have the perfect poles and protection for every discipline. Without snow does not mean without Leki, because I like to exchange my ski poles for hiking poles.



Third-party Sponsor

Since 2008 I have been lucky to name Electrolux as my sponsor. I’m proud of this long term relationship and I stand 100% behind Electrolux as synergies between us are quite significant. Since a couple of years Electrolux has been rated one of the best employers in Switzerland. Also, ecology was already an important topic for the household producer when no one else was talking or thinking about it. It makes me even prouder to carry the name Electrolux out into the world for all the people who are standing behind it and who I was able to get to know over the years.



Third-party Sponsor



I love to take pictures – no matter if it is a selfie with my friends or a panorama image of the amazing morning atmosphere in the mountains. This is exactly why I am so happy to count Huawei with its world’s best Smartphone cameras to my team. 




Third-party Sponsor

Sustainability is important to me, in sports but also at home! I am therefore very happy to have BKW as the right partner on my team. The specialists in energy topics offer broad advice and always find the best sustainable option. I enjoy being able to collaborate with a company that shares my values.





Driven by the passion for the traditional watchmaker handcraft the Lucerne based watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer designs and creates extraordinary types of watches and clockworks. I am proud to be an active ambassador for this Premium Company since 2014.





Who wants to bring top performance, not only must train hard, but knows that regeneration is very important. The basis for that is a perfect sleep. I’m proud to have riposa Swiss Sleep as a partner on my side.




Hoch-Ybrig, the ski area in the center of Switzerland is the place where I learned how to ski. The place is located only a few minutes away from where I grew up and I therefore spent hours and hours on these slopes during my childhood. I still enjoy skiing on the slopes of Hoch-Ybrig during my free time and maybe we will see each other once in the gondola to explore and enjoy a fabulous day.




MIBAG mobilizes energy – that’s the slogan of my longtime partner MIBAG. That’s the slogan of the innovative and sport friendly company which successfully managed to become one of the leading providers of energy suppliers in Switzerland. But MIBAG has also been mobilizing me financially since the beginning of my career and for that I’m really thankful to the whole team which I was able to get to know over the last years.




Already at the age of 17 I got in touch personally with the topic cancer when my brother Kevin was diagnosed with cancer in his young age. I therefore know how this topic affects a life of a person and of his or her family. Together with the cancer league of the canton Zurich I have the chance to spread this subject in the public which makes me really proud.






pixels & points created my first webpage in 2011 and is still my official web and hosting partner. pixels & points links the technical knowhow with the specific design requirements in the digital communication and is therefore able to host a tailor-made webpage for me.


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